AI 2019 – What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming year

AI 2019 – What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming year

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AI 2019 – From Big Data to Speech Recognition, and predictive technology, Artificial Intelligence is changing everything around us. You might have already read tons of articles related to AI predictions for the year 2019. And the AI hype doesn’t seem to settle down anytime soon. The potential effects of AI are varying from how it is going to change college admissions to the role it will play in international politics and relations. But in this blog post we are going to focus on the trends that will matter most in the IT world. And this won’t be only about how AI is taking over the world or how humans are going to lose their jobs.

So, let’s ride away to the key trends that AI is going to have on the world in the IT industry:

AI 2019 – Digital Transformation

The biggest trend in AI will be acceleration in the digital transformation. That is making the existing system even smarter. There is even a word for it – Smartization. Also, there is a prediction that it will be powered by the evolving AI. From the hotel to the airline booking system and healthcare system, to web applications. Everything is going to experience digital transformation in 2019 and beyond.

Certain AI leading organization also predicts that AI and machine learning adoption is going to be crucial for both public and private organizations to remain competitive as the age of digital transformation is evolving. Yet, according to a recent survey, only 18% of the organizations have plans to make an investment in the AI technology.

Decondia - A major task or AI systems will be the acceleration towards an overall digital transformation

AI Skills

Another problem with the AI technology is AI skills. Most of the organizations want AI to be part of the transformation but do not have the skills or developers to work on it. Firms that provide virtual agents are betting on developing AI powered tools that do not require numerous technical experts to deploy or manage.

But, a full potential scope of AI in the enterprise will certainly need human talent. Even in the early phases of implementation. So, it is important for every enterprise to know what’s there for them in AI solutions. The way in which companies structure AI algorithms, can lead to a significant difference in terms of output.

Developing AI Skills internally

IT leaders are not going to wait to fill up the skill gap in 2019. They are going to invest in developing the necessary skills in their existing teams. Organizations are going to get very serious about training for advanced technologies. Smart companies are going to look for in-house developers and partners with the universities to train the tech they value. Organizations that train technologies in advance, will have an edge in talent retention and recruitment.

Security will depend on AI

AI 2019 – Most of the organizations use yesteryears tools and processes to fight the cyber security threats of today and tomorrow. But Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will soon become a big part of the solution to this problem. AI is going to reinvent the companies’ cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity is fundamentally solving big data problems at machine learning speed. As cyber attackers are continuously evolving their technology. And also the gap between the supply of trained cyber security professionals are widening. AI and automation are going to be paramount to protect enterprises in 2019.

Decondia - AI integration into cybersecurity systems

AI 2019 – Analysing more data

Big data still remains under addressed. This is the reason why professionals, such as data scientists are so hard to find. Data is doubling every year, but budget and professionals are not. But 2019 will see more organizations investing in AI engines that enable the existing teams in a number functions to easily scale with more and more data.

The biggest AI trend that everyone can expect in 2019 – is machine learning finally extending its hands beyond its normal use cases of image labelling and text translation. It can help organizations exploit a vast number of data that they have been collecting and storing for years.

The biggest AI around us will be mostly invisible. AI is already everywhere. Behind the applications, embedded in different sheets. But the common user doesn’t know it is still there. Also, if any tech organization is expecting to be taken seriously should already be investing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning beyond the dabbing phase. If you are still missing AI, you are lagging in the competitive run.  Just because the changes are not fully being credited to AI, doesn’t mean your market, industry, or business model is not being affected by AI technology.

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