AI Can Enhance Your Company’s UX. Here’s How!

AI Can Enhance Your Company’s UX. Here’s How!

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UX – Not long ago organizations were gaining the loyalty of their clients based on the product quality. But with the time evolving and technology making advancements, the difference, between what an organization offers and what its competitors provide, has become negligible. Today, organizations are increasingly looking for alternatives to win their customers. One way is by providing an excellent user experience.

Customers want a seamless experience from the start till the end. With a complete user-friendly platform and impeccable customer experience. To achieve this, organizations are investing a whole lot of money in Artificial Intelligence. They make it in order to help them improve user experience and gain brand loyalty.

Below we have listed some of the ways in which AI can enhance the user experience.

UX – Emotion AI

Emotion AI is one of the most cutting-edge features of Artificial Intelligence. It provides facial recognition software, data, and machine learning algorithms to categorize emotional responses. Companies train it on millions of facial or emotional images, emotion AI can list responses into meaningful categories, such as sad, happy, angry and a lot more. Advertisers and companies can use this information to identify the platform, design, content, and marketing strategies that are most likely to elicit the desired responses.

According to a recent research, it is seen that happy consumers spend 78% more on the brands that they love. And the consumers only feel happy when they are a part of their favorite brand’s community, when they share a similar ideology, or when they actively engage with the brand on social media. For most of the companies, emotion AI is a way to attract consumer emotions in the smartest way possible on a deeper level.

Bespoke Advertising

It is common that consumers are increasingly getting immune by the efforts of the advertisers – whether online or otherwise. From ad blocking software to shorter attention spans, only the most innovative marketing strategies are being able to get through today’s consumers. UX often focuses on the experience that one will get on a brand’s web or social media page.

Decondia - Artificial Intelligence improves UX

UX begins when the brand engages with a potential customer. If a visitor sees something that they can relate to, then they are more likely to take action, whether it is liking a picture, sharing any kind of content, or making a purchase. Artificial Intelligence is helping industries master the art of bespoke advertisement.

When integrated with social media, machine learning algorithms can successfully explain the key information about a customer’s preference. So, companies can use AI to develop a one-on-one advertising experience customized according to each individual’s unique request. Rather than creating a broad marketing solution that might only appeal to a small percentage of customers. Additionally, with this more inclusive data, organizations are more likely to identify new or previously overlooked market segments.

There are AI solutions that can help in personalizing shopping experience by asking a simple question and narrowing down the selection of products. That ensures that they show customers only the most appropriate selection of products with the relevant content. This highly customized retail interaction significantly increases the probability of a customer buying a product and reporting an enjoyable UX.


Regarded as virtual assistants, chatbots are everywhere you look. From pizza delivery to banking, bots are increasingly becoming a common part of UX. Trained in using a subfield of AI called natural language processing, chatbots are now so sophisticated. That it is often difficult to recognize them from the real world. It is recorded that 75% of the organizations, that use AI, have increased the number of customer satisfaction by almost 10%.

Regardless of frustration and bad days, chatbots are the natural supplement to the user experience. However, even though they offer 24/7 support, chatbots can never replace humans, since complex situations require human understanding and assistance. Therefore, chatbots require data from human-to-human communication in order to learn and improve.

Decondia - Mobile UX design


When automation crosses everyone’s mind, the first thing people start thinking is that robots are taking over human jobs. But in reality, automation is more likely to augment human tasks than to destroy them. This becomes true when it comes to enhancing user experience. From self-driven cars to drones and online translation software, automation has the capability to improve the quality of goods and services in a variety of industries.

Automation is usually applied to repetitive tasks, aiding human workforce by reducing the costly errors, improving the quality, and even detecting potential issues, that human eyes may miss. This means automation can provide better quality for everyone – Consumers and Companies. Additionally, automation is also applied to UX Design in the form of automated A/B testing and self-optimizing websites. Consumers can enjoy improved UX experience from the beginning till the end, thus increasing the chances of becoming lifelong patrons.

A few years back, people considered AI technology to be too cutting-edge for widespread application. But today, it is shaping the way brands are interacting with their customers and creating a whole new standard in User Experience.

If you are looking to increase your brand’s UX using AI. Contact us and let us be your AI consulting partner!

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