AI leading countries – The top 5 countries in the AI Race

AI leading countries – The top 5 countries in the AI Race

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AI leading countries – These days AI is the new space race. Artificial Intelligence is growing faster than ever before and showing an annual growth of about 60%. Also, the international community is actively discussing the influence of AI over both global corporations and national strengths. Digitalization and Automation have already had a radical effect on international systems and structures. And while considering that this technology is still in its infancy stage, every new development will only deepen the effects. But the question is – Which are the AI leading countries?

It is very difficult to qualify and categorizes leadership and success. But there are two indicators that can reveal a particular country position to the development pipelines.  The first indicator is the – Talent. The second indicator is the level of Artificial Intelligence technology and the digital movement in the country. This involves the amount of funding in circulation and the amount of accumulated data.

With these criterias, there are five AI leading countries, that are in the best position to rule the world in the race of AI.

AI leading countries – n1 is China

Not so long time ago, China was a manufacturing country but the country now intends to be a leader in many aspects of the different industries. AI is another area that Chinese consider of utmost importance. From 2011 till 2015, China published more than 41,000 papers on AI, according to the Times Higher Education. This is twice the number of what the United States had produced. The Chinese government strongly stands with the AI adoption and last year they had announced their intention to become – A principal World Centre of Artificial Intelligence Innovation, by 2030.

Decondia - China is AI leading country number one

 United States

In terms of research and papers published, the US holds the second place. But both of the countries – China and the US are miles away from other countries. According to Times Higher Education, the US published around 25,500 papers from 2011 and 2015On top of this, the US ranks as the top country with the highest number of AI companies. With a number of over 1000 companies and the US $10 Billion in Venture Capital, the US is likely to become the AI superpower. Then, there are organizations like IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon who are not only publishing papers but are also investing heavily in the industry. This is the reason that America’s pool of talent and heavy market investment is allowing it to stay on top.


Japan stands in the third place with around 11,700 papers published. With an ageing population and decreasing workforce, AI will play an intriguing role in the Japanese Economy. Presently, Japan can automate 55% of the work activities with the current technology. Also, Japan’s manufacturing sector has a 71% automated potential, according to the HBR article.

 United Kingdom

United Kingdom is not so much behind Japan. In fact, when it comes to publishing papers on deep learning, UK is quite close to Japan. As for the total number of published papers, they make a count of 10,100 which is almost same as Japan. Well, DeepMind Technologies is a Britain originated Organization. Today it is a world Leader in AI. And employs more than 250 researchers, neuroscientists, and mathematicians.

Decondia - Germany's Role in AI development in Europe


The fifth country with the most number of published papers on deep learning is Germany. Between 2011 to 2015, it has published around 8000 papers, and like China, it plans to be a global leader in terms of AI. According to a report of FT article, many technical universities and leading companies like Porsche, Bosh, and Daimler are combining their knowledge of AI to welcome the future. The Cyber Valley is a result of this merger and it has even received support from Amazon, who plans to open a lab there.

While the number of published paper cannot solely define the present state of AI. But the fieldrelated citation can be a good indicator of define the state of AI of a country. When we will look at this, we will get different results. Some countries have given their market power and investments in technology while inevitably becoming the global leaders. Countries like the US, China, Japan, and the UK fall under this category. But it’s up to other countries to fight for a spot at the top. Let’s see which countries would lead the AI revolution in the coming years.

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