CRM Tool – How it can streamline the workflow within the company

CRM Tool – How it can streamline the workflow within the company

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It is of no surprise that CRM is the fastest growing software market. Its revenue is expected to reach approximately $80 billion within the next 7 years. As we all know, a CRM system can help you save time and boost your sales, finance, human resource departments’ productivity. As well as, customer service without hiring additional resources. It has recently landed up as the largest database management technology in the software industry. CRM tool can also help you in enhancing your productivity and increase efficiency.

How can workflow help?

Mainly, workflow helps in streamlining your business processes and boosting efficiency by reducing the manual tasks that can lead to errors and oversights. Workflows is a set of constraints, rules, and actions that can give you the power to automate your organization’s business processes. With workflows, you can easily automate a lot of tedious tasks. Therefore, fetch them manually or automatically, all depending on your enterprises’ needs and circumstances.

The current state of the CRM Tool market

  • According to Gartner, in 2018, CRM took the top spot from database management systems as the biggest software market worldwide in terms of revenues.
  • Adoption of a CRM system increases sales by up to 29%. – Salesforce
  • According to sales teams surveyed, CRM systems increased their revenue by 42%. –
  • Leveraging a CRM system improved customer retention by 27%. –
  • 3 out of 4 customers spent more due to the positive customer experience. – Global Customer Service study

Most of the organizations, even though they are equipped with the evolving CRM technology and expert app developers, are not fully aware of the utilities and capabilities of the system. Below are some of the CRM features that will help streamline your workflow while saving your time and capital.

Launching Tasks and Activities

CRM Tool can help you create activities automatically by particular resources. You can usually use this kind of workflow as a notification or reminder that a team member needs to perform a task. Another way to see this is during the ordering process that can be sent via various approval routes, depending on the constraints applied. If you integrate your CRM system with your enterprise resource planning software, you can simplify and streamline your ordering process. From sales request through quotes, inventory, and work that is done.

CRM Tool

Centralizing an associating records

The CRM system’s most important feature is contact management. Overall, this feature not only collects the customer’s data but organizes all the present information.

This feature helps the CRM in giving a complete 360-degree view of the records. This 360 gives you information about:

  • Contact Details
  • Demographics
  • Transaction History
  • Support Engagement All Retrievable Through Tags
  • Filters At a Moment’s Notice

With segmentation, you can easily target audiences with promotions according to their behavior.

Lead Management

Lead Management and lead scoring help in differentiating database that deserves the follow-up time and efforts. In the process, the low-grade data is eliminated or discarded. So this way the sales team do not waste time in tracking and follow-up. A CRM Tool system is capable enough to let you come up with a customized set of scoring conditions. The CRM will allow you to focus on the leads that will help you in driving great ROI while saving you from wasting time pursuing false leads.

Reducing Duplication

We are aware that drafting the data manually will get costly. And the monotonous data entry will make it error prone. Therefore, in your database, there will be a time that you will encounter duplicate records in your system. In order to minimize duplicate entries, automated workflows can help you in streamlining as much data as possible. This will help you in developing an automated system that will help you in eliminating the human factor and reduce errors and labor costs. CRM Tool


All the data, stored in your organization’s system, will not work if people in your company do not have access to it. The data will only make a difference when your marketing, customer support, app developer, and sales teams could share it. Exchange the ideas, and contribute to the winning practices. The rich information stored about the customers will enable sales to feed on that data to draft marketing and brand campaigns. Both teams can share all the contacts, insights, and deals to fast track the sales cycle. The team efforts will help the company to connect with the partners, customers, and employees on sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, lead generation, and customer support.

Third-Party Application Integration 

CRM Tool – Integrating CRM with third-party applications will help you in maximizing your productivity, enabling all of your business applications and work with each other seamlessly. Integration of tools will save you a lot of time by reducing the need to copy information from one tool into another. Due to that, CRM integration makes your job easier as it will automate tasks you would have to perform through other software tools. Integration can put more of your sales team’s essential functions in one place. Finally, turning your sales communication platform into a central hub.

To Conclude:

Certainly, setting up workflow automation for daily tasks can reduce the number of tasks for your workforce. Freeing people up to dedicate more time to value-added tasks and goals. While there are many benefits of streamlined workflow, many fundamental tasks in CRM system can be automated. This strategy gives various departments the necessary time and tools to grow your company in the most effective, efficient manner possible.

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