Intelligent Digital: The New Identity of Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Digital: The New Identity of Artificial Intelligence

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Intelligent Digital – A new breed of business is emerging with the future. These businesses have embedded data and technology in every process and at every stage of the value chain. Reason being, both the data and technology is getting amazing results. Since they are unlocking new information. And Artificial Intelligence keeps them ahead of the competition.

An Intelligent Digital is an industrial change that possesses scalable digital layers and applies algorithms to evaluate the digital experience to customers. One of the examples is Google Duplex. An AI-powered platform that helps organizations and individuals handling the tasks effectively.

Enterprises use this technology to handle general management tasks and executive assistants, making internal business processes more accessible. Predictions say that mass penetration of the platform with the business would drive Google’s topline growth in the upcoming years.

Moreover, this creates new business models, ecosystems, and solutions. Thus, creating an Intelligent Digital experience for customers. Intelligence Digital is also going to be the core to drive and deliver the digital quotient of the interconnected business ecosystem. Digital leaders will have to push investment up in the integrated value chain to have a distinctive selling proposition.

Intelligent Digital

Artificial Intelligent the new Intelligent Digital

Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will usher a new model of intelligent data collection that will solve challenges on a global scale. AI and ML will not only simulate human intelligence but also will gather new information for future behavior. According to the Center for Data Innovation, the market of AI will reach $40 billion by the year 2020. And will generate productivity improvement of more than $60 billion in the USA every year.

But the biggest challenge will be to use the required skills for AI and ML and work on them through traditional business models. Even though design implementation and management of the new technology is a lot to take on. But because of its sizable payoffs, the investment is worth it.

AI powering Intelligent Apps

AI and ML cannot thrive without applications, as they need to interact with the system. Virtual Assistants are a good example of AI-powered apps that are already evolving tomorrow’s scheduling assistants. As well as financial advisers, health advisers, and even more. According to the Gartner report, the use of Virtual Assistants will jump by 1000% by the year 2020.

There are also other intelligent machines like robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles, that will continue to proliferate, casting the way for a collaborative intelligent model. For example, researchers have demonstrated a group of drones working together to construct a rope bridge. Moreover, the military is studying the use of drones-swarms that can attack or defend military targets.

RPA and AI – The Intelligent Workforce

AI-powered RPA solution leverages AI and ML to automate a variety of repetitive tasks that previously required human performance. RPA is a process automation technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive tasks, manual processes, and augment the work of your employee workforce. RPA seamlessly interacts across desktop software, browser-based system, traditional enterprise to collect the data, transform it into actionable insights, trigger responses, and communicate with other application.

There is a lot of excitement around RPA and AI, but it is very important to have a solid understanding of the two technologies. What they do separately and how they can be most effective when you combine them. RPA and AI together create the Intelligent workforce, that makes the human-workers more effective and help them make better decisions.

Intelligent Digital

The AI layer in Intelligent Digital

Once an enterprise has collected this wealth of data, they can easily understand it and access even more value by adding intelligence through AI. In all of its aspects, AI offers extraordinary possibilities for new ways to act, learn, optimize, and sense.

Additionally, Augmented Analytics offers a seamless system that data points using machine learning and natural language processing. The analytics provides advanced business intelligence to make the right business decisions. Thus, bringing an effective move in the data and analytics marketplace. Furthermore, conversational platforms use natural language to remove the complexity from the interface. So the users do not need to learn about the computational language.


If we analyze the Top 100 global companies list in the last decade, it is easy to notice that the organizations that had invested in Product and Platform strategy are on the top of the list.

Some of the top performing Product & Platform based global organizations were:

Organization Market capital
Apple Inc $ 1.104 Trillion
Alphabet Inc $ 832.18 Billion
Microsoft $ 857.84 Billion
Amazon $ 994.32 Billion
Facebook $ 495.74 Billion
Alibaba $ 438.77 Billion

Additionally, Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber are the upcoming platforms based businesses that are scaling fast in the industry. This speaks out loud about the structure and culture that industries are following in the current ecosystem. Leaders of AI are scaling Intelligent Digital technologies and making it strong for a sustainable marketplace.

The biggest challenge for organizations is to scale the Intelligent Digital by unlocking good resources and developing excellence across digital technologies. Digital leaders are focused on creating a package of services that can be brought together to create workflows, systems, applications, talent, and partnership. This will create an amalgamated collection of technology capabilities and elements that will form an excellent platform. The most ambitious organizations are looking for a platform-business that brings partners together to create great value.

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