New Work Transformation – What to consider

New Work Transformation – What to consider

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New Work Transformation – The disruption caused the sweeping development of Artificial Intelligence, creates the impression that AI takes over the work of IT professionals. But this scenario will not occur so quickly. Even in the future, companies will not supersede intelligent, creative minds with valuable human skills by automation.

AI accounts for responsibility and design possibilities

Nevertheless, it is inevitable that we will lose some jobs. This especially holds the water for typical assembly and office jobs, which involve a substantial amount of repetitive tasks. In IT as well. We can’t deny that AI already takes on numerous tasks such as testing. While classical programming will decrease, we will need the IT experts even more. Automation will create new occupational fields as well. Overall, more complex work steps will emerge. This, in turn, will involve more responsibility for specialists.

Millennials as the future backbone of companies

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence disruption is in synch with what the next generation is demanding: Flexibility, personal responsibility, self-determination, creative and strategic thinking, and technical management. But also, the desire for tasks that fit the individual personality is of preeminent importance.

Generation Y quickly notices whether its needs are actually being met. In the current and particularly future market situation, the young generation has the luxury of choosing a job. Young employees are no longer reserved when it comes to starting their careers. They are more self-confident as they know that their skills are in short supply.

New Work Transformation

New Work Transformation – work in which the employee takes center stage, brings advantages for employers. The flexibility of work produces motivated, healthier and happier people. This sustainably increases productivity and loyalty as well as performance and reduces sick days.

In light of digitalization, all companies undergo an enormous transformation. The employees expect agility even more. New ways of working and ways of dealing with such fundamental changes are necessary. And New Work provides the environment for employees to make these changes and drive the business forward.

But how can you implement New Work?

New Work Transformation – Checklist

Promote transparency

Inform all your departments about the state of the business. Organize exchange of experience and open critical feedback. Keep your employees posted about current processes – sales figures, accomplished projects or happy customers. Share your big picture with your employees and ensure their motivation this way!

Grant freedom

High personal responsibility leads to a work-life balance that corresponds exactly to the new generation of employees. Above all, this includes the independent organization of work. But other things are equally important: enable home office as well as mobile work or a chill-out and fitness areas that employees can use any time.

New Work Transformation

Trust your employees with regard to working hours and activities. In return, the employees themselves are accountable for ensuring that they did their job.

Adapt tasks to personality traits

Goals and tasks should be adapted to individual personalities. For example, you can use the Myers-Briggs-Test – a personality test. This test is free of charge and helps all participants to find the right fields of activity for each individual.

Nurture the network

New Work Transformation – Cooperation is the key. Use Co-Working Spaces together with different departments or even different companies, and promote mutual exchange. Elbow mentality will become history in the future. These initiatives will help your employees and yourself.

New Work Transformation


However, one question remains unanswered. How to deal with routine tasks that no one wants to take over anymore? We’re talking about tasks that can’t and won’t be handled by machines or your employees.

One way to remedy this challenge is to outsource. We at Decondia have been fortunate enough to build a fabulous team in India. While New Work in India still hardly plays a role, it is rather all about hard and high-quality work as well as career advancement. It took some time to find the right experts for long-term cooperation and to set up the appropriate structure. But now, we are able to offer our customers professional software development and consulting. Onsite project managers of German origin support the projects. So that the customer can enjoy the convenience of speaking his native language. By setting up offshore development centers, we can secure a long-term relationship for our customers.

If you are considering developing a suitable digitization strategy for your company, do not hesitate to contact Decondia. We will be happy to support you.

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