AI Introduction – Obstacles and challenges of the process

AI Introduction – Obstacles and challenges of the process

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AI Introduction – Once you have decided to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the company processes, you might confront some challenges. Here we will point out some obstacles that you might have to overcome on your way to success.

An AI research report by the McKinsey Global Institute recently proved that companies, that have integrated artificial intelligence into their processes, generate more profits than comparable companies that have not integrated AI yet. However, the road to success is usually quite difficult in this case as well. Guaranteed recipes for success do not exist. And that is exactly what makes many companies refrain from developing an AI strategy.

Here are some obstacles and challenges that can arise when introducing AI into your company:

Lack of knowledge and false expectations

Many entrepreneurs, especially from existing companies in established industries, have had little to do with modern developments in information technology. However, since AI has been everywhere for over three years, and many experts and market research institutes praise it as a salvation for greater competitiveness for the future, these companies must now also deal with AI. In order not to have a label as hostile to innovation. And it also seems clear, that companies that ignore this area, miss an important opportunity.

Decondia - Lack of knowledge for AI by many entrepreneurs

However, this doesn‘t change the fact that many managers simply don’t know much about this new technology. The fact that companies at least don’t ignore AI due to a lack of knowledge can be considered positive. But the next trap is not far away. Because a lack of knowledge about the possibilities and functions of AI can easily lead to false expectations and misunderstandings. That could ultimately cause an AI strategy to fail – no matter how large the investments are.

With the decision to give AI a chance, managers should at least have a clear image of what the new AI department is capable of doing. Misunderstandings are otherwise inevitable.

In addition to the necessary budgets and investments, this also includes the availability of data. Because without data even the best AI developer can hardly achieve great results. Companies should put together the team carefully.

AI Introduction – No concrete goals

Once the company has made a decision for an AI strategy and basic knowledge is available, the company should think about the concrete benefit of AI they want to achieve. Do they plan to use AI to optimize customer communication? Or for process optimization? Should AI take over administrative tasks in order to relieve the office? The company should always clarify these questions in advance, since the AI team must also be put together according to these criteria.

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Of course, specialisations have also been taking place in the AI sector for a long time. At this stage it is better to ask for an advice AI consultants. They are specialized in exploring the opportunities that AI can bring to the company and how to plan better such a task.

Wrong composition of the team

Once the goals that you want to achieve by AI introduction into the company have been set, you can think about how the team needs to look like. There are also different areas in the AI department on which companies should place an emphasis on. Only if the company composed the team well for the respective tasks and has the necessary resources, it can work successfully. AI is an interdisciplinary subject. AI experts can have their background in fields as diverse as mathematics, philosophy, information technology, biology or psychology.

So to find the right development team, ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve: Do you need the AI for the evaluation of machine data? Or would you like to automate or analyze processes in customer communication? These goals should be a decisive factor in determining the criteria according to which you assemble your team.

AI introduction – Lack of availability of data

You should design your AI strategy at least for medium-term success. Do not expect the immediate result that will enable your company to grow within a few weeks. Your AI team needs time to familiarize itself and understand the processes of the company in order to find solutions that bring substantial improvements.

And it might happen, that your team soon will find out that, the data they need to achieve their goals, is not available. You have to know that Artificial Intelligence depends entirely on the availability of useful data. Because modern AI in most cases means machine learning. And machine learning is only possible with the availability of large amounts of suitable data.

Decondia - Without right Data, AI algorithms are worth nothing

For this reason, your team may come to the conclusion that the original targets are currently not or not yet solvable, due to a lack of data. However, in such cases, you should not lose patience. Take the necessary steps to change this. In the meantime, trust the team and give them the necessary freedom to find solutions in other areas. It is not uncommon for AI to create great advantages and even new business fields in areas, for which they actually didn’t intend to.

All these situations, if you are not prepared and react incorrectly, can cause any AI project to fail. However, if you are patient, you take care of the environment in your AI team and give it the necessary freedom, the chances of successful AI introduction and integration into your company will increase significantly.

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