Pseudo AI as a company strategy – Yes or No

Pseudo AI as a company strategy – Yes or No

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Pseudo AI: Data is the most prized asset in today’s digital economy. But what makes it valuable is its proper processing and analysis. The information stored in huge databases are of no use without specialized machinery. With technological advancement, the Artificial Intelligence has now become a reality and the things are changing for good. The AI is helping out businesses in mining needed information from billions of data points in a quick way. Also, its ability to learn and adapt is proving to be beneficial. The industries are improving their processes by using AI.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? But the real picture is different. Easier said than done, the implementation of AI is a difficult task. Deploying Machine Learning demand investment of huge amount of time and money. This has resulted in the emergence of an easier alternative called “Pseudo AI”. Yes, you heard it right. A false AI where humans pretend to be robots. The use of pseudo AI is on the rise. A number of companies boasting of being AI equipped are faking it. In fact, their smart chatbots are humans responding behind the curtain.

Pseudo AI

Also, what’s shocking is that the companies are using this practice not only in small startups. Many big MNCs are also doing this. Edison Software, to improve the smart reply feature of its chatbot, gave access of their user’s private inbox to the AI engineers. An expense management app used human labor to generate customer receipts. Facebook has also relied on humans for its virtual assistant messenger. To put it in other words, the pseudo AI is a fishy business model. It has nothing to do with productivity. Exploitation of low cost labor and speaking lies to the customers, it is unethical in both ways.

Decondia - Definition of Pseudo AI

The usage of such false methods has not just given these companies a competitive advantage and initial funding but also access to the data and source of information that otherwise was never recorded. It has been recorded on multiple occasions that people tend to talk to machine in a natural way. Research has even shown that people are more comfortable in talking to a machine rather than a person. And end up disclosing more than what they might discuss with a person. But the use of Pseudo AI leaves the business in a lurch and choke down due to resource burn and its own recklessness.

It is true that chatbot development platforms need time and effort. But the rewards of incorporating AI is going to help tech firms in a longer run. Let’s have a look:

Improved customer interaction

With AI powered chatbots, the companies can interact with their customers in a better way.  Human interaction will always be affected by external factors. When the chatbots can communicate with multiple customers at the same time. They can also analyze previous interactions and respond to the users next time in an effective manner.

Data mining

Today, firms generate huge amount of data. The big data needs quick processing and analysis. Our human counter parts will always take more time in doing data processing due to their knowledge and inquisitive approach towards data. The AI can help companies in faster mining of needed information and identify patterns. Such insight will be beneficial for the companies in a long term.

Decondia - Definition Data Mining

Better customer engagement

Keeping customers engaged is a must for any company or brand. Incorporating AI into chatbots will increase your customer base due to chatbots ability to develop their database in making better communication. The data based chatbots will make interactions more productive. It will keep customers on your platform longer.

Cost saving

The chatbots powered by AI are automated solutions. They will allow companies to perform many tasks simultaneously. This will help companies to save on employee cost and avoid problems caused by human mishandling. The AI based applications are always learning and evolving thus making it a long term investment.

All things considered, the AI is a great technology. Though still in its infancy, it holds immense potential to transform the businesses for better. But there is no need to haste to incorporate AI under mounting pressure. You should analyze your needs and use AI according to your requirements. We at Decondia have years of experience in the field of AI. So, if you also would like to create your own chatbot, our app development team is at your service. Feel free to reach us and we will revert back at the earliest.

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