Time Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence can help you manage your time

Time Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence can help you manage your time

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Time Intelligence  – Well, we almost never accomplish everything that we set out to do in the morning. It would be a rare day when you get the chance to cross out every to-do in your list. And that is okay! To-do lists wouldn’t help you in getting everything done. They just will help us to prioritize our limited time and pre-plan our day. Just to make sure we are working on what is most important for us. But, this doesn’t help us in fulfilling our tasks. Instead, it gets easier to let those overdue tasks to pile up days after days, and weeks after weeks.

When you have several tasks aligned for a day, your to-do list won’t help you feel organized. If this sounds similar to your life, well you are not alone. 70% of the to-do list users have overdue tasks. And this is where Time Management can be transformed to Time Intelligence when powered with Artificial Intelligence. You can apply AI to do the heavy lifting in the process of gathering time data, adding context to it, and connecting it to certain parameters. Thus, giving it a more streamlined centralized system altogether.

Artificial Intelligence Powering Time Intelligence

Automated Data Harvesting

AI technology allows automated data harvesting and seamless integration with the existing business structure. There is a minimization of manual time inputs from the employees. And instead it automatically harvests time data from the business   ecosystem to tie back to the specific deliverable and the parameters. It also provides facial recognition technology, wherein employee can simply walk up to their time clock and automatically login through facial recognition. This makes the process simple, fast, and offers benefits of biometrics without additional process or software costs.

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Taking help from Personal Assistants

This is the most familiar type of AI that we have come across. Cortana, Alexa, Google Now, and Siri are basic AI powered systems that can learn about your requests and habits. They are good at providing you the most useful information possible when asked a question or if you tell them to do something. Some AI developers are focusing on building a smart to-do-list that can help you in prioritizing your tasks, send notifications. And even track how you have performed on your task historically. Some even will help you in organizing your emails, give you travel alerts, manage your contact lists and photos.

Managing tasks in Real Time

With the data being real-time, businesses are bound to make important decisions instantly. Leaders, C-Suite, and managers can receive advance alerts and notifications that enable them to have a pro-active approach while making decisions.

Customizing Workflow

Many businesses face problems of time sheets, troubles of exceptions, errors, and inconsistency. Intelligent workflows simplify the business processes by validating the real time data with the built-in exception. So the administrator can get the visibility where and when it counts.

How AI powered Time management tools work

Time Intelligence  – While finding the ideal due dates, smart to-do-lists take into account:

Habits – AI enabled tools take note of your habits and suggest due dates accordingly. If you usually reply to your emails on Monday morning, then a due email response can be scheduled for that day.

Task Prioritizing – AI time management tool can estimate the urgency of any specific task by anonymously tracking the data from the to-do lists.

Keeping track of weekdays and weekends – These tools can also keep track of the tasks that you can do on weekdays. And which ones need to be scheduled during the week days.

Upcoming tasks – If you have an overloaded Thursday and Friday is wide open. AI will try to balance the task load over the next 7 days accordingly.

Daily and weekly goals – You can set your daily and weekly goals for the number of tasks you want to complete every day and week. The time management tool can recommend the due dates that can help you meet your specific goals.

Decondia - AI powered Time management tools

Time Intelligence  – Predictive Analysis

If you can define business goals and create a data model to evaluate and report the exception, you can use AI for resource optimization and scheduling. This can prove to be very useful for transportation and logistics business. You can use forecasting to fine tune the project execution and have lesser number of misses. But if you really want to use Artificial Intelligence to improve your project performance and leverage your time, you will have to look for ways to experiment and improve.

To get a prediction about the project, you will have to capture data about the project. Feed them into the business model and look for the traits that made it successful. It has been seen that certain project tasks are easier to estimate, than the others. Because they are repetitious. You will always have an option to edit, accept, or reject AI suggestions. As with the AI powered features, it will learn overtime and become more and more accurate.

These AI powered tools have the ability to learn from the habits using Artificial Intelligence and to suggest the changes if necessary. If you are failing to accomplish your goals, in aspect of time, the tool can suggest you alternative approaches to accomplish your task goals. For the next step of workforce modernization, businesses should look up to productivity and start measuring it accurately in order to keep an account of 100% of the resource time.


We at Decondia provide edge technology and intelligent solutions. Our vision have always been providing AI-enabled Time Management tools to make your enterprise time management as intelligent as possible. And these features are the most advanced features, helping in accomplishing your business goals. Talk to our AI experts and leverage the AI technology to order your Time Management.

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