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Our Use-Cases

Revolution in music streaming

For our customer Alissia Music we have created a highly personalized streaming service that selects the right music according to the current mood of the user.

Project implementation in the Staffing Model

We carried out the project in the FTE approach (Full-Time-Equivalent) with 2 resources over a project duration of one year. The SCRUM method and daily meetings with the developers ensured that customer expectations were met.

Main functions

AI & Blockchain Solution:
  • ALISSIA's learning algorithm, which collects user preferences, optimizes the playlist composition. The blockchain in the backend ensures the encryption of personal data.
  • Native programming approach for iOS & Android: This guarantees an appealing user interface and outstanding performance.
  • Use of gamification elements: A calibration view was created that guides the user through the app in a user-friendly way.
  • Seemless Audio Lifestyle Experience: Intuitive usability and compatibility for voice, gesture and touchcontrol were considered during development. This enables future seamless integrations in cars, trains or airplanes.

Mission Digital Change in Publishing

We accompanied our client Ahearo on his way to create a platform for the digital transformation of publishing and text journalism and thus to digitize the world of reading.

Web- and mobile-optimized platform

A modern design was chosen for the requirements of our customer in order to shine on the promising streaming market. Therefore we developed a native responsive app in iOS and Android with a web platform.

main functions

  • Smart search functions and filters that filter by editors' suggestions, trends, topics, magazines and newspapers.
  • Intelligent article management, allowing users to add their preferred audio articles to the queue.
  • Rating engine and number of clicks as quality indicator.
  • Platform in subscription model.

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